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Last Post By: Crisis
Topic Starter: TVS
Forum: Open Discussion

Posted: Yesterday at: 11:16pm

 Any old heads from 2006ish?
Last Post By: Crisis
Topic Starter: Crisis
Forum: Open Discussion

Posted: Yesterday at: 9:19am

 The Best Structured Battle Site
Last Post By: Elvis Freshly
Topic Starter: Phoenix
Forum: Open Discussion

Posted: 12 September 2014 at: 1:17am

 Curtain Call
Last Post By: iCon
Topic Starter: Revolution
Forum: Text Freestyles - FSOM

Posted: 09 September 2014 at: 6:35am

 rusty as f**k bruh
Last Post By: Phoenix
Topic Starter: Logic
Forum: Text Freestyles - FSOM

Posted: 22 August 2014 at: 1:42pm

 The skin thief
Last Post By: NoMEDic
Topic Starter: NoMEDic
Forum: Text Freestyles - FSOM

Posted: 04 August 2014 at: 7:56pm

 Sacrifice (Remix)
Last Post By: Glease
Topic Starter: Glease
Forum: Audio Freestyles - FSOM

Posted: 03 August 2014 at: 12:55am

 Droppin on a Site
Last Post By: Cypher Ill
Topic Starter: WhiteBoyRhymez2
Forum: Text Freestyles - FSOM

Posted: 27 July 2014 at: 11:05am

 Crazy About You
Last Post By: WhiteBoyRhymez2
Topic Starter: WhiteBoyRhymez2
Forum: Audio Freestyles - FSOM

Posted: 20 July 2014 at: 2:38am

 First Take
Last Post By: WhiteBoyRhymez2
Topic Starter: WhiteBoyRhymez2
Forum: Text Freestyles - FSOM

Posted: 24 June 2014 at: 11:03pm

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Posted: 15 April 2011 at: 2:49pm

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Dad sentenced for shaking baby to death | COMPOSE VERSE | READ VERSES ON TOPIC
Man denied bond after 10 bodies found | COMPOSE VERSE | READ VERSES ON TOPIC
Indonesia bomb plot foiled | COMPOSE VERSE | READ VERSES ON TOPIC
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rusty as f**k bruh Hide/Show News469304 
Posted: Logic @ 18 August 2014 12:12pm
Logics avataron the mic I come equipped with the verbs and the pro nouns,
cause when I flow, mother-fuckers know how it go's down,
see in a show down these rappers boast but cant throw down,
then suddenly these "pros" desert their home just like a ghost town,
alone stands a true great, beyond your weights,
my polyphonic waves, shift and displace the earths tectonic plates,
I'll let my tec talk the sacred language of a demonic race,
born and raised, in these slums we're worse off than bubonic plague,
my common trade, is to speak my minds philosophic grade spits,
your lame writs are weak aswell as laughable,
these city streets are erractical,
you could bear witness, though my fitness over beats is more graphical,
with mad tactical manouvers, sober linguistics equals either death,
or my ether breaths enough to make your equalisers break,
to speak well neithers sheth, these freaks'll die for less,
when rhymes are in effect, cats meet their demise by the pipe and meth.
yo its the bombshell, from hell,
scorching your cartel,
make no mistakes, L's like a vice grip on your heart cells,
known well to mark males, perferate where the heart dwells,
spark L's, kick back relax and let the sharks meld,
lyrics so sick they bark "it's ebola", sniff a half key of cola,
trample mcs like a steam roller,
lifes not as it seems, the gods got me leant over,
praying and I seek guidance, keen to make a clean rover,
now as supreme controller, humanity in peril of the great pharoe,
composed enough to blow your brain marrow with lyrical flaming arrows

15 minute burner.
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The skin thief Hide/Show News469301 
Posted: NoMEDic @ 04 August 2014 7:56pm
NoMEDics avatari'd never speak in class since being diagnosed
with a flesh disease
Kids would laugh at me calling me freak cause of
the leprosy
my mother threw out my photos claiming she
dreads all pictures
Cause my flesh looked like it was peeled off with
red hot pincers
since then I've established a relentless fetish for
unblemished skin
heaven and hell would banish me for my
outlandish trends
I cant repent i barely share a word at the chapel
My bible's holy inside hiding pie slicer and
surgical scalpels
vertebrae cantle by Giving your lumbar a blade tip
disabled you without cutting off your muscles
see eyes bulged in cringing horror but you cant
beg me to stop it
That's when I tear the mounds of Venus cutting
the velvety softness
Ready for stalking prey usually prostitutes i
copulate with
my memories are as x rated as bondage porn
Body was partitioned the carpet welling up with
dark crimson
licking the glistening yellow flesh and call em
Marge Simpson
most victims scream after I show them whats
under my lids
eyes with broken capillaries giving them
convulsions and fits
So I puncture their optics with a sharp and
horrible stock
Feel a heavy squish like jelly fish and an audible
Pressed the blade where their spines be at ripping
out their tiny backs
Till the epidermis missing exposed the white shiny
slimy fat
As i hold my knife i tell them its time for the Lord
to call
jerk the heads backward then,marvel a gushing
blood merging with the abscess seeping out the
The scarlet dampened by the fluids beneath and
round the corpse
The Alley had wind that roared under and tore
Around corners
What i found sordid was how i lost count of the
Amounts slaughtered
A crack of lightning rumbled loudly leaving sparks
across the sky
i thought of my mother who's the reason why i
lost my mind
i rang the bell and left so she doesn't find a
Psycho at her door
She opened up but only saw my bloody bible on
the floor
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Droppin on a Site Hide/Show News469288 
Posted: WhiteBoyRhymez2 @ 20 July 2014 4:18pm
Droppin on a site deader than my Grandma..
Your vocals are flat like Heather or a Sander.. I guess I "Use a tool" as usual.. my text is beautiful like cuticles..

On a girl grown to perfection, Showin reflection.... Gun loaded.. my "Aim's good".. I'm Throwin My Wesson..

I Mope with depression.. Life throws Curve Balls but I got my feet planted and my swing is like a BirdCall.. It's graceful.. I lace fools with taste, fool.. The world ain't black and white, it's gray, stop being racial..

Respect each person, build their character, bless others.. Life's fucked up like tryin' to pick a best brother.. It's not logical.. My opticals are spectrums.. "Cool your ass down" like popcycles in rectums..

It ain't that serious you're "delirious".. Eddie Murphy..
You'll get left roasted and burnt like Freddy's Jersey..
I'm betting early on the Charger's to take it and like erectial disfunction, for you it's hard to make it..

Stand up.. like a comedy show..
People ask me about Heaven like I honestly know..
Honestly Bro.. I'd rather rap and ball, that's it..
My task is all crafty I got kids laughing like a bad trip..

I'm bored/board already but I'm full speed downhill so I'll charge you like a line backer, credit card, or a town meal..

Don't get shit twisted, I'm ready to die, hit with big toys.. my flow is fucking easier then trying to fight a twig boy.. With no arms, no legs, and no True Brethren.. Lieutenant Dan veterans took bombs in a few sections..

of Iraq.. I'm back.. with some thunder.. It's obvious to see there was crack.. in your mother..

I like Obama, he carries swag like a dime sack..
I only trust God anyway like Tupac so I'm fine, trapped..

In a breathtaking venue of never ending, always moving.. Right now we're all fucked like people stuck in hallway shootings..

Bring the pain, fuck the feds and have some faith kid.. Girl, I'll make you "Feel So Good" like mother fucking Mace did..

I bring the big stick like a louisville slugger and you bring the "light wood" like leaf kindling usually smothered..

..with no effort at all I'll bump Hesher then brawl with your Sister or Mister and My left is a wall..

..and my right? don't get started we can call it good night.. Another battle with the Brick? This was the hood and now it's Sniped..



Edited by WhiteBoyRhymez2 on 20 July 2014 at 4:21pm
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First Take Hide/Show News469279 
Posted: WhiteBoyRhymez2 @ 24 June 2014 11:03pm
I'm a write this "FIRST TAKE" like Stephen A. Smith,
I'll leave you bleedin and shit from this ether I spit..
Either it's this.. or it's a PAUSE FOR THE MOMENT..

CROSS ON MY COAT FIT.. I "Gets Mine" like GOLD DIGGERS.. We came a long way from OLD TRIGGERS we BOLD KILLERS.. We FOLD DEALERS "In Half" like a MAGIC TRICK GONE WRONG then "Leave em nasty in the street" like a RATCHET CHICKS BLONDE THONG.. on a Saturday Day night.. I'm all Scatter Brained, Hyped.. and fuck all the shit talkin I think I'd RATHER PLAIN FIGHT!!


I live in "5 Points" like Hasheem Thabeet on GAME NIGHT and I will Knock you out, record it, & watch it AGAIN AIGHT?

I stay current with the news BRANDON FLOWERS NOW A CHARGER we got TANDEMS WOWIN TODDLERS with HANDS THAT POWER WOBBLERS.. DEVOUR HONORS.. if it's for the right reason and Action "WINES SO MUCH" I guarantee he likes his Riesling.. Reason Being.. His ego really has him conquered.. I'll beat you "FAIR IN SQUARES" like legal beatings up in Congo.. Your teeth are horizontal with a BUCK TOOTH LEADIN the way like it's runnin a way with a FUCKIN TRUE LEAD AND it ain't stoppin soon it might not stop til the moon I'm "Pushin shit out on this wriiten" I guess I'm droppin some poo.. but ooh he's disgusting, it's reality, accept it.. Action "Drops Sadder" than a fatality neglected.. You just got wrecked kid.. Sit on your Thrown you HATIN STONA.. Just know I'm comin for that Thrown. now it's mine, TAKIN HOVA/OVA!!


Comments:  0 | Views:  1244 | Add/View Comments |
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some multi’s Hide/Show News469272 
Posted: Logic @ 18 June 2014 6:50am
Logics avatarI'll only fend few, but if I offend you good I meant to
I'll leave you wae more problems than any man can tend too,
when I contend you, I will direct you like menstral,
straight out the system, even marvel couldn't avenge you,
there's revenge due, when you attempt get mental,
devour yer heart, over yer own instrumental,
its awful, ma thoughts alone'll give a jaw full,
you couldn't handle these cases if you passed through law school,
I claw fools, dissect you in hawf like a saw tool,
if not, cool the heat'll toast you like a waffle,
I'll mock you as you hit the floor like hot stool,
catchin anaphylactic shock watchin blood spill by the drop full,
I think I'll take ma time to remind you,
if you contest ma rhymes, the assigned crime stoppers won't find
use force confine you in some pinewood,
pigs too'll get their spines blew, bringin a new meanin tae swine-
I can sense stress, ma punchlines'll knock ye senseless,
hit you wae rhymes sicker than sex wae the same sex is,
start off defensive, aim for yer neck when gone offensive,
challenge get damaged, enter intensive care as hypotensive,
like videos, you'll get shot up,
fuck a plot, I'll play Westley Dodds and leave yer body propped up,
the remains I'll chop up, season then pot up,
I don't intend to strike fear, its just the way the I was brought up,
so present yer best, against the messenger of death,
see I'm unimpressed, your intellects slow like a strobe effect.
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