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 Week 7: DETOX(5-0) vs Shogun(1-0))
Last Post By: Crisis
Topic Starter: DETOX
Forum: Finished Championship / Battle League Events.

Posted: 15 January 2015 at: 10:12pm

Last Post By: Crisis
Topic Starter: Shogun
Forum: Text Freestyles - FSOM

Posted: 15 January 2015 at: 10:08pm

 Pc & Naasty Notes FSOM
Last Post By: Problem Child
Topic Starter: Problem Child
Forum: Audio Freestyles - FSOM

Posted: 29 December 2014 at: 1:52am

 Any old heads from 2006ish?
1 2
Last Post By: Xpo
Topic Starter: Crisis
Forum: Open Discussion

Posted: 19 December 2014 at: 1:46am

 Beasty Beat Tape
Last Post By: GonZ-Illa
Topic Starter: GonZ-Illa
Forum: Beatz

Posted: 02 December 2014 at: 7:40am

 Come taste this Fire
Last Post By: Darkscribbler
Topic Starter: Darkscribbler
Forum: Text Battle Arena

Posted: 26 November 2014 at: 12:08am

 Battle me
Last Post By: Viln
Topic Starter: Jokeman560
Forum: Battle Call Outs

Posted: 07 November 2014 at: 8:00pm

Last Post By: Viln
Topic Starter: jerrel
Forum: Text Battle Arena

Posted: 07 November 2014 at: 8:00pm

 the killing
Last Post By: Yt_Titan
Topic Starter: Yt_Titan
Forum: Battle Call Outs

Posted: 21 October 2014 at: 2:14pm

 Death match
Last Post By: Yt_Titan
Topic Starter: Yt_Titan
Forum: Battle Call Outs

Posted: 20 October 2014 at: 9:44pm

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Interstellar Hide/Show News469351 
Posted: Shogun @ 15 November 2014 6:09am
Shoguns avatarTo all the old vets, most of yall were members, now
going through menopause on Tinder,
looking for that hardwood to gargle splinters
cock meat sandwich you would call it dinner
i remain Secular, a godless sinner, lawless winner
The hubris, lyrical mucus, sick an ruthless from dawn,
remember, the night calls to Inter-stellar, devils wool
5 dimensional walls to enter
off the top my eminence against these bald
i made you all dismembered
come in the thread to fuck yo bitchh, the awe an
splendor, 'leaves her plowed' like i combined fall an

i remember crisis, revo and blackout....many more,
just emo and sadnow.....insomnia a creep though,
through his peep hole the class clown, another sheep
hoe to stand down, learned all my aliases he can do
math now....he can lick cunts da sick one, when they
all meat at the bath house, self esteem has been
cracked...ouch....ill never bleed, devil seed awarded
his own medals...please....reign supreme but u never
weathered me, Straight Ridah was no enemy...he
would flee battles, had no beef, cattle, couldnt hold a
wee candle to my keyed ammo, he couldnt take a
hittttttt in SEATLE

the piece of shit, adhesive Slick, also swad u bittch,
pete u snitch...i cant remember any frees or
writs......just your feeble fists, fighting for the right to
touch tips and have your marriages be legit...
by now your adopted baby finished teething dicks, im
going deep to diss, congress couldnt veto this

straight keyed and lit, the match burns to light the
sky, you all know i'm better, past present and future,
through black holes my letters, reach the unknown
untethered, behold trendsetters, they come and go
together, stuck on the back row forever, like hoes its
checkers, the time is now finish what we started,
mission to decode the settlers, after 10 me
the Space probe Rosetta

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That’s why Hide/Show News469336 
Posted: jerrel @ 19 October 2014 7:26pm
   Lil Nigga quit actin you know you not in my bracket to me you just
target practice I use yo bish like my mattresses dam she a he'll of an
actress got you thinking that it's love quit tryna rescue these tabs
thirsty ass bish she want the cash I'm tryna fawk no I won't love her but
I'll beat it up don't try to compete just try to compute she fawk with me
cuz I'm nothing like you
Comments:  0 | Views:  1084 | Add/View Comments |
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dafuq? dope shit. Hide/Show News469335 
Posted: Ahm.D.Billx @ 19 October 2014 4:47pm
     (Part 1/2)
So here I am, alone again
How could I now will start from begin
Its the pride in my self
Keeping up this on for real
Like I'm not the person I used to be
Its like a change a fuckin paranoia
But I really don't care and I no longer know ya
I'm so depressed in this fuckin quest I can't rest I can't distress I may
be dumb but I give my best
This time I may loose in the end
There is always a new yank the hill
I'm not bill I'm disgusted super sewer
And I don't how to fucking stupid I may maneuver.
Its like a fucking prison
I'm held fucking with in
Oh God I beg you take this stupid ass emotion
I got no ambition so its superstition what's the fishing what's the
matter are you crater even if I'm loosing stupid I'm fucking better
Comments:  0 | Views:  825 | Add/View Comments |
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i made t Hide/Show News469326 
Posted: ILLFLEX @ 10 October 2014 7:37pm
Think wen u wer yung
Ol foz bulies n teachers screamin u wont mek it
Col thoz mafakaz n tune em we made n we tired of da hi way dats y we usin da run way

Neva saw jesus only devils
I love jesus but da wae da streets ar turnin nuts ima ima ima
Wat tha fuk cntsae t
Um jus a hiphop slave un chaind to go hom
But forgot way hom iges ima go bek in da slavery
Bang dats a gun sound,bazuka no powder guns
Chilld in our lanes,paper n pens
Um a rok wen i write lyk peter,col me peter pen

Wish i culd reverse da tym n be jesus s disciple
So ima rap da gospel
But life is a bitch so ima chil in ma streets sho love to ma broz
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bored Hide/Show News469321 
Posted: jerrel @ 07 October 2014 6:32pm
me and a couple bad bitches that's down to chill I gotta cup full of drink and the popin pills and my nigga brought some good from over seas now every time I stand I cant fell my feet gotta bad azz bish blow me like a brezze somthin like the wind do through the trees and her name I cant remember so ill call her mid December.
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