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 Anyone here?
Last Post By: Affinity
Topic Starter: Affinity
Forum: Introduction Forum

Posted: Yesterday at: 11:35pm

 who want some
Last Post By: Ether
Topic Starter: WundaBoi
Forum: Battle Call Outs

Posted: Yesterday at: 2:46pm

Last Post By: WhiteBoyRhymez2
Topic Starter: TVS
Forum: Text Freestyles - FSOM

Posted: Yesterday at: 5:02am

Last Post By: NoMEDic
Topic Starter: NoMEDic
Forum: Text Freestyles - FSOM

Posted: 18 April 2014 at: 6:08pm

 Curtain Call
Last Post By: ThE_GuP
Topic Starter: Revolution
Forum: Text Freestyles - FSOM

Posted: 11 April 2014 at: 10:53am

 Loaded lux vs Hollow Da Don
Last Post By: Ether
Topic Starter: bLaCkOuT
Forum: Open Discussion

Posted: 11 April 2014 at: 2:41am

Last Post By: Crisis
Topic Starter: Phoenix
Forum: Battle Call Outs

Posted: 08 April 2014 at: 11:37pm

 My Life 4/4/2014
Last Post By: Blankface
Topic Starter: Blankface
Forum: Text Freestyles - FSOM

Posted: 04 April 2014 at: 10:56am

 sikkamore vs
Last Post By: sikkamore
Topic Starter: sikkamore
Forum: Audio Battle Arena

Posted: 24 March 2014 at: 8:12pm

Last Post By: sikkamore
Topic Starter: sikkamore
Forum: Audio Freestyles - FSOM

Posted: 24 March 2014 at: 1:09pm

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TVS Hide/Show News469224 
Posted: TVS @ 19 April 2014 2:37am
TVSs avatarYour Trash Wit Text, Your Not Gonna Pass The Test, Im To Lethal
Like Shootn Hash To Necks,/
Im Past Your Rep....Your Frail but Bitter Like A Stack Of Chex...You
Couldnt See My Flow With A Map to Quest....

Your Records Low Like Midgets Playin Forty Fives, Atleast This Dork
With Lies Tried To Force His Lines,/
Now Imma Torch Ya Eyes And Co-Horse Some Guys To Cork Ya
Dry.....   6-11   Are You Serious?, Watch Pro Leave Action On The
Floor To Cry....

I'll Have You Paranoid Out Ya Blinds Peeking, But I'll Catch You With
Your Guy Sleepin With The Nines Leakin,/
I'll Leave You To Die Tweaking From Five Legions, Stagin Welts From
Your Brain To Your Thigh Region....

Your Text Is Lame So When I Flex The Flame I Direct The AIM To
Your Whole Set You Claim,/
ALL YALL Pussies With A Dress To Change....I'll Leave You Behind
Bitch....Like Some Retard Trying To Fetch A TRAin.

I'll Catch You At Your Home State With The Chrome Placed At Your
Dome Plates Ready To Roam Eight At Your Bones Base,/
Leave You face First On Some Stone Raped..I'll Have More COPS On
Your Case Then That Capone Chase.....

Leave it ALONE FAKE.....
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Sparticus Hide/Show News469223 
Posted: NoMEDic @ 18 April 2014 6:08pm
NoMEDics avatarredeemer of the masses who's legally an asset, we bleed to reach for rations Found freedom in entrapment
Whilst Rome fiends for flesh
It aint easy to subtract Him
im lethal with the axe
So its Equally attractive
Easle's depict the passion of
Screams from malignant phrenics
Condemning legions to death
Stick fangs and needles in necks
Stoning Romes opponents the don cheadle effect
Medieval upheaval leaving the feeble people digested
in the belly of the beast this sequel could feature crassus
If i Defeat the demons chief im Achieving a peaceful rest
The leap to greener pastures my sheath deep in the chest of fire breathing dragons that seek to stampede whats destined
Their leaders would see my brethren
Deceased or in need of help
Scolding gauls to my control see i even Lead the Celt
If the Region we breach is hell our creed wont see us fail

Though we did we lived as slaves died as kings
We body pride and faced men like a siamese sphinx
Now He could finally hold the wife he missed
Thats the reason why the name i left behind still lives

Born c. 109 BC The area around the midd course of the Strymon Died 71 BC Battlefield near to Petelia (modern-day Strongoli, Calabria, Italy)
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My Life 4/4/2014 Hide/Show News469215 
Posted: Blankface @ 04 April 2014 10:56am
Blankfaces avatar        My family says iíve came a long way/ My past made
me a better man today/I had it hard, but had a good
upbringing/My problem was in my brain/Iíve been
medically described as insane/ It was hard cause I couldnít
control this delusional thought/ Everyday myself and I
Fought/ There were times I just wanted to end my life/ But
didnít have the heart to do it with a knife/ There was no
gun in my reach/Thought about drinking bleach/ It was
annoying to hear people preach/giving me advice like they
were trying to teach/ Many people look at me and see my
outside/but if you knew my inside/walking around without
emotional connection/Wishing I was reborn differently like
a resurrection/ Everybodys brain is different, its what
makes us unique/life is complex and a mess, it's never too-
neat/ The 1% reserve seats to watch the other 99%
struggle/The law enforcement wonders why those in
poverty get into trouble/John Howard Griffin said it easy/
once you take a mans pride life gets greasy/ Iím a mulatto
in a state of predominantly Caucasian culture/ Who many
look at my skin like a vulture/ Though I would never want
to be a different race/In my life Iím learning my
place/which is located where ever I set my goals/I stay
away from that stuff smoked in bowls/ Paying attention
with change in this journey of life like those highway
tolls/People make the world go round like tires that roll/
When Iím in a struggle I look to self/Cause I strive to keep
my motivation on the top shelf/Life is short, just ask an elfs
opinion/to get the most out of life we need to keep our
minds open/ The truth has spoken/knowledge is wealth so
Iím rewarded this token/
~Caleb T.
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Curtain Call Hide/Show News469170 
Posted: Revolution @ 06 February 2014 3:35pm
Revolutions avatarAs I write, heartbeat's all russian...I'm certain it's spy game
To be honest...2003, BC saved me like I was nursin' a migraine
Used to jump on to avoid trouble, and I aspired to be a legend
Every free I saw on the Bricks had me inspired to seek perfection
I never thought it would end, we had eleven years in the mix
Rev's career in this shit, I might even shed a tear for the Brick
I first came and could barely rhyme a sentence, God I was awful
A misdirected youth who wanted to write, a lot of drops that I lost to
Took little steps, got too confident, legends gave me a taste of medicine
And every single loss was a lesson learned until I became a veteran
Every day in the VisuBox, non-stop talk about the latest diss and comedy
Where we could be gone weeks & come back cuz we missed the harmony
This site kept my attention, there isn't one year that Rev wasn't mentioned
And now that the BC retired, I'll start lookin' forward to collectin' a pension
I was always alone in my thoughts, but truth..on this site I found solace
My life is now focused, I spent over a decade here writing down moments
Everyone helped me along the way...Good Lord, my beginning was torturous
One of my proudest moments of my teenage years was winning a tournament
I saw this site grow before my own eyes...I loved being part of the growth
Worst days of life, I would put my heart and my soul into the art of a flow
All the beefs, the disses, the problems, the hate, the way we all could relate
Here's to real life that we face...I'll pack this shit up and just call it a day

I know it ain't much...but thanks to P.H. and R.G. for providing this site, and providing many of us an outlet/a place to run to when life got tough. I know it might sound corny...but my life would be completely different if it wasn't for BrickCity. I never would of found the love for writing if it wasn't for me randomly stumbling upon this site in 2003. I can't believe it's been 11 years since I first came here....I had just turned 15 years old. BC was one of the biggest influences on my life and I will never forget the great times/battles/talks we all had here. A lot has changed over the years; but I will always have a special place in my heart for

Here's to "The Hardest Place on the Net". I'd love to see some old heads come back to the thread and drop some words or maybe a verse of their own. I just wanted to leave BC with a little something.


Comments:  18 | Views:  2372 | Add/View Comments |
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From tip of my fingers Hide/Show News469160 
Posted: gmac520 @ 16 January 2014 5:26pm
gmac520s avatar
        Iím strange bitch I rip guts like b. lynch
Put it on platter and sprinkle my favorite season
Iím rare like a steak donít care what you say
Pull it out and put my skin and hair on your face
Iím hairy like harry, forever scary as Carey
Then I pull my balls out now suck on these berries
Dick hard as steel thatís nothing she can handle
Here cop a feel, then I jam it straight up her mantle
Yíall flies in my web watch ya get eaten to death
Always on the mic never running out of breath
My atmosphere is unbreathable, Iím unbeatable
Iím unreachable hit your brain out your skull, thatís
G-MAC,Gilligan murdering all creaturalís, the star in a
featured role
Biggest star in the galactic universe, watch the teacher
Knowledge in this verse, results may vary on your album,
Fred Durst
My head hurts; I got the bread curse so watch the lead
Yaíll saying yaíll high but the may weather is calling
Yaíll went down from the waylay the same day of

Edited by gmac520 on 16 January 2014 at 5:26pm
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